Doveslimme – Identity



This is the fourth song off Doveslimme’s EP “Cool on the Inside”. Their most famous songs “Party at the Barn”, “Yelele”, and ‘Leo ni Leo” are also in the tracklist with favourable reviews. In contrast to Identity, all these songs have also received lots of airplay.

I came across this song on an online song hosting platform. Identity compared to the other tracks has the fewest number of shares on Facebook. You would thus expect that this would perhaps be one of their lesser works. But once you get to listen to it, you get the feeling that you have just unearthed a different shade exotic piece of art. To be sure the song isn’t characteristic Doveslimme. However this is just the sort of thing to expect from a band that is known for a brand of dynamism that knows no rival. I daresay this is Doveslimme’s most underrated tracks. If I had my way this would have been the released as the EP’s lead single. Despite being one of the band’s lesser known songs it nevertheless bears crucial significance. It is the first song that Dimmz and Jillian wrote together and Doveslimme says that the song is very special to them. And the emotional vibe that this song gives off is further corroboration of that sentiment.


It is characterised by a prominent rhythm guitar with the bass playing backup. There are several features that are quintessentially graceful. The first one being harmony and that is in two respects. It beautifully combines both male and female vocals that are complementary at every stage. It manages to ensure that none takes ascendancy over the other. In the verses when Jillian sings Dimmz’s vocals are there to accentuate and vice versa. And they finally combine to contribute their diversity to the refrain.

Although the song is done primarily in English there are instances of Swahili cautiously added. This miraculously plays out to the benefit of the song. Otherwise adding too much Swahili would have served to breed chaos and the song wouldn’t have had the same effect.

The band accomplishes its message delivery with a calculated use of both instruments and lyrics. It transitions from brooding moments where the tune played is almost melancholic but decisive to an upbeat one with the aid of emphasised drum work. As such the song comes off as contemplative thus telling the story of everyone who has at one point broken out of their shell. It speaks of that transitional period when you are on your own just beginning to chart out the path to your destiny. That part of life isn’t a bed of roses ‘taking lots of wisdom to trust your heart and taking courage to stand apart’. But one can find hope that knowing and trusting in your ability is a good place to start.

Follow the links below to listen to and download this song:

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