This is a spin off to the “how to become a rock fan” that we posted last week. Done in the way of a short narrative, it is markedly different to the way we helped you out with becoming a rocker. As you scale the heights of mount Olympus to bask in the glory of the gods of Heavy Metal, let Lawrence Muchemi’s Odyssey be a guide to your heart. You will find helpful aids in what heavy metal sub-genres to start with, the role of the Mosh-pit and growing pains.

“I was once a rock head lol, then “metal to midnight” happened…at first I wasn’t for it completely because of all the misguided stereotypes. However as time went by my playlist was completely “metamorphosed”. The genre that most metal heads start off with is metal-core since it has rock elements e.g. clean vocals and lyrics (love stuff) bands like Kill Switch Engage, Bullet for my Valentine, As I lay Dying etc.”Ouuh and str8up, red hot rock Wednesdays plus the rumble used to play some slipknot, Amon Amarth, Elluveitie tracks…am pretty sure they played a role in shaping my ear.
The mosh-pit is amazing and shouldn’t only be confined to metal only in my opinion…many times when we club with my fellow compadres (metal-heads too) we mosh to everything and funny enough there’s always two or three characters trying to keep up with the awesomeness.”
“My first mosh-pit was a Murfy’s flaw performance at our school bar…I had never felt so alive \,,/ ha ha…rock band? I know…they were exceptional. Worst mosh-pit injury has to be a headbutt on my lower spine…the punches and the kicks wear off but the back ache was there for a while. It was awesome \,,/ it was March from the Undergrounds Rise (2014) LYT were on stage at that time…the crowd was fucking wild.”
“Dude of course…mainstream music is BS. But since I also started out there I try to refrain my negative attitude towards it… and yes metal had changed my perspective towards life. 80% of my close friends are metal heads….and as they say show me your friends and I’ll know who you are. Friends help one build character…so in a sense metal built this character.”



  1. guest

    That photo of them all hugging against him as if he is jesus is just way too far. I like Ozzy and Alice Cooper yeah.. but that photo is beyond way out of content. That should never have been made. What a disgrace to our lord and his son. Shame on those that made that photo like that. There is only 1 god and its Jesus not Ozzy. Get a grip people. Its just not right.


    • heavyandthebeast

      Hey man, Im Christian too. The picture is just symbolic of the fact that Ozzy and Black Sabbath were the originators of Heavy Metal and all the other bands took their cue from them. Im sure Ozzy is also a devout Catholic. Dont take life too seriously. Thanks for reading the blog all the same


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