Review: Last Year’s Tragedy – March from the Underground


Band: Last Year’s Tragedy
Track: March from the Underground
Album: Challenge Accepted EP
Year: 2013
Last Year’s Tragedy, I must admit are a band I found at first an insurmountable bias against. My first thought was either the vocalist was trying too hard or they just needed cough drops. That has been a lingering sentiment over the years, something I have found hard to shake off. Invariably it has informed my attitude toward metal music. The problem with dealing with complex and edgy material like poetry and the literary work of people like Charles Dickens is that tastes aren’t developed instantaneously. You have to plough hard through similar material and bring your attitude to its level of intelligentsia. That is also true of Heavy Metal. Granted, Last Year’s Tragedy has improved from the first material they released. I can say as a fan I have grown together with the band and with that maturity I am now able to witness the beauty of the beast. (I couldn’t help teasing Nightwish).
It’s been a year now since Challenge Accepted EP was released. And to mark its anniversary here is a review of ths song. I absolutely love it for a number of reasons.
Number one has to be the piano. In the intro and throughout the song it maintains this sort of atmosphere, which is nostalgic and almost reminds you of the Adam’s Family cartoon. Secondly at the tail end of it there’s a portion that’s a kind of a sing along. Which is good if you’re tired of moshing and shouting yourself hoarse. Also this appeals to the less hard-core fans although it only lasts for a short period. What keeps me coming back though is the message.
March from the Underground is a boot up the arse of the progeny of the misinformed and callous detractors that have generalised metal music into one dark and foul corner. Life isn’t always about dark and gloom. Just as metal music can and does feel disposed to deliver varied thematic concepts.. Without drawing from the staple of playing on the volume, bottomless bass and thrust of the twin gods of chaos and debauchery, it builds from the same engulfing and robust sound but informed by other ideals. LYT fires those reverberating decibels of thunder upon the audience, drawing them from pits of self-loathing, dejection and despondency and propels them to the great heights of self-determination. The message here is very clear. Last Year’s Tragedy tells us we’re not here by luck. We shouldn’t give up yet whatever the struggles. And if you are in that place where you’re feeling totally helpless, this song gives to you the power to shake off the chains of mistakes and regrets that have overwhelmed you.

click the link below to listen to and download  March from the Underground

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