Image credit to Murfy's Flaw's music video, Abso-bloomin'lootely (screen capture)
Image credit to Murfy’s Flaw’s music video, Abso-bloomin’lootely (screen capture)

Band – Murfy’s Flaw

Song –  Abso-bloomin’-lutely

Album– Hello Light

Year –   2011

Tongue twister, mouthful of a song title, yeah that shoe definitely fits. But does it wear the hat for being a rip off of Avril Lavigne’s sk8r boy? Or is there more?

Well there definitely are parallels. One is it’s a song that is counter-cultural and contains a message that is definitely runs contrary to what is now considered fashionable in the dating scene, love or lust depending on your preference! And somehow, having half-assed and procrastinated my way to completing this review, I feel that this is the best time to put it out.

Both Avril Lavigne’s sk8er boy and this song choose to defy popular female logic, or the lack of it, in choosing the type of men that they want to date. Sk8er boy sees the potential in a teenage boy who isn’t popular and well off. Preferring to wait on his potential knowing that one day, the broke boy with a guitar will become a superstar. And the joke is on the girl that rejected him, sitting there pregnant enjoying life on the sunny side of welfare.  But abso-bloomin’-lutely prefers to tell the other side of the story. Yes, a well to do man with a plethora of qualifications will satisfy some needs, but when it comes to fun, no number of MBA degrees can compare to a boy that plays in a rock band. And in fact Reema goes ahead to proudly state that a girl can be awesome because she ‘rocks’ the boy in the rock band!!! (Bear in mind that the term ‘rock’ here has previously been used in a number of contexts to denote coitus, porking, ‘kuraruana’!!! You get the drift? What did you imagine ‘Eve’ meant when she said “I want to rock you all night long”. Case closed). Today, Terry Anne Chebet posed the question, whether shoving money down a girls throat was a sure fire way of impressing her. Well now it seems that there’s a chorus of at least four girls that’d reply in the negative to that. Let’s hear it for the girls who ‘rock’ the boy in the rock band!!! (see what I did there?)

That’s as far as I can go towards drawing parallels. Structurally the songs are pretty different. While most of you might like Avril Lavigne, sk8er boy has a pretty monotonous vocal display. Which is something I believe Abso-bloomin-lutely cannot be faulted for. I could be wrong, because, then again, music is about tastes and that can be very subjective.

Abso-bloomin-lutely incorporates lots of funk elements into their songs. And that can be heard in the way the drums are played with a lot of emphasis on the percussion. The riffs are also sort of funky starting out with a brooding air that is strangely amusing. The riffs also create this sort of seductive and calculated atmosphere that is enhanced by Reema’s singing, leaving the songs real punch for a few seconds at the “and Im the awesome girl that rocks the boy in the rock band, I abso-bloomin’-lutely rock the boy in the rock band.” Most of you may not like the way the song paces itself, leaving its catchiest moments two those few phrases, but I think it’s a clever way of delivering the songs’ main message.

Lyrically, I like how they’ve used phrases ordinarily meant to describe the playing of drums and guitars to subtly extol, again what I believe to be this boys sexual prowess. But make of it what you wish.

As far as completeness goes, this song can stand alone as its own person. You don’t get the feeling that you should have listened to other material from the band to relate to it. In that way it does provide great variety as part of the ensemble that comprises Murfy’s Flaw sophomore album “Hello Light”. Another one of their songs that has a music video, an interesting one at that as you get to watch the gals in body hugging bathing suits! Kidding. It’s not as great is the Hello Light’s video but you’ll definitely enjoy it.

Not one of their most famous songs but definitely worth a listen. Check it out and give your thoughts down below. Like the band’s page on Facebook and look up their other songs on Youtube, Reverbnation and Soundcloud. Keep it Kenyan!

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