11119642_1426073961042700_692726453_nIt’s the dream of every rock fan out there to start a band of their own. You’re probably a big fan of Epica. You’ve surveyed the local rock scene and seen a deficiency in power metal bands. And there you find the impetus to start your own musical project. Your journey begins with doing few covers at the battle of the bands and see where you rank among the fold. If things go well you’ll probably start writing your own material and record it. In two years’ time you’ll have produced an EP, heard your songs play on radio and gone on tour. If you’re lucky that continental recognition will also come along somewhere down the timeline. Eventually you’ll produce an album, have a mammoth following of fans and can afford to sell some merchandise and host your own gigs. Easy as ABC right? Not quite!!! Continue reading “HOW TO MANAGE YOUR BAND”




We had to put off all other plans we had today because this is more important than grades or that tail you’ve been chasing. Suit up and get ready for the biggest audio massacre of your entire lives fam. Continue reading “BREAKING NEWS – TRACK UPDATES”

GIG REVIEW: March from the Underground 2015

GIG REVIEW: March from the Underground v2.O.