Irony Destroyed is a band who’ve just recently began their sojourn upon the ever expanding Kenyan metal landscape. A few weeks ago we had the chance to hang out with this crazy bunch to find out what they are about. We were fortunate enough to sit in on one of their practice sessions. Lead Guitarist Lenny Kiano came out to meet us and we headed to where the rest of the band was holed up. The doors opened to a group of fellas completely immersed in their art form, windows are sealed shut to ensure all the sinewy flavors of dissonant creativity blend together. The wall of sound is incredibly earth shattering; you’d almost feel the skin peel from your body. Later on we get a chance to sit down and talk about a few things like what brought the band together, how the journey has been so far and what infernal plans they have for the rock fraternity! Continue reading “MEET THE BAND – IRONY DESTROYED”



11113989_445719455588907_7871334748334475060_oEcstatic, the euphoria that pours when you hear a new song for the first time. As I am writing this I’m actually listening to Njerish’s masterpiece. The song came unexpectedly. I hadn’t heard of her till my good friend Dani shared the song with me. I was immediately taken. It was beautiful. The kind of song you can brag about. Her vocals blend in with the instruments; it has a vibe of the alternative era. It reminds you back when you were starting to listen to rock music. The Alternative feel to it blends perfectly with her sort of aggressive voice, betraying the emotion behind the song. It’s beautifully crafted lyrics transfer the feel and the energy of the song to you.

Rish is like a lady with an Olympian torch in hand, prancing around with the brusque air of the iconic femme fatal from 90s girl bands like TLC.  She takes advantage of the chorus, to tear down the edifice of the object of her scorn with violent swings of her chirpy voice. That racing onslaught is subdued in the verses. But even within that sort of pause she barely takes time to breath taking advantage to showcase her vocal range while adding flesh to the frame of the song. Continue reading “SONG REVIEW – RISH: ‘THE HATE SONG’”