Freshly Released: Void of Belonging Release Debut single

The long wait is finally over. The herald finally arrives, bearing with her a child. An offspring bubbling with scorching expectation. The first born from the womb of Kenya’s most promising metal act Void of Belonging.

Head over to soundcloud and there find the roar of River Yala, the high octaves from the calls the humming bird and the relentless plonk of ancestral drums in the freshly released track “Dream Again”.

art by Zoe Muthoga



I wrote this post on a Friday. On a week that has carried with it a sense of dark forebodings and on this particular day carried with it a touch of tragedy for me. This piece in part pays tribute to someone dear to me. a sweet soul that gave me refuge. Someone whose hands were as tender as her heart and health which finally caved in when the reaper came calling. And in that moment of tragedy I have found the drive to write about an experience that I have shelved and cowered away from; making excuses every day of the week but I finally got around to doing it. This is a review to a gig that featured bands like Seismic, Koinange Street Avengers, Last Year’s Tragedy and solo artist RISH. Continue reading “UNBREAKABLE – CONCERT REVIEW”



Technology is a bitch. Signal to indicate that you should never place your life’s work in the hands of an electric device that’s set to malfunction. But I suppose that’s the sort of thing a Christian would say about not placing your trust in Human beings. For the success of this interview I’ve had to strain my ears and place heavy reliance on my not so good memory after my recording device faithfully captured a combination of squawks from crows in the yard, the howl of the wind, a hawk’s mating call and the movement of chairs and a few scraps from the interview. Continue reading “MEET THE BAND – HOPE IN TRANSIT”