Five bands that aren’t doing enough shows

We’ve chosen five bands just because lists are sexy. And because we thought it’d be neat to take a break from targeting the likes of David Mburu and Daniel Rocker Bizzaro. Lots more bands could have made this list. Bands like In Oath we haven’t seen perform for more than two years. And Murfy’s Flaw used to perform at the Brew or some club in Westlands. But these are exceptions. In Oath is made up of two live members, Christopher Yagami is away mixing tracks in Canada (a country that lots of Americans enjoy making fun of) and so you begin to see why watching  these guys at a gig would be a great difficulty. Murfy’s Flaw we also exempt from this list because well, they don’t need the publicity and they have an album (or two). Does your band have two albums? Are they famous (by Kenyan standards)? I didn’t think so. Continue reading “Five bands that aren’t doing enough shows”


Satan’s Disco – Gig Review


Sunday the 9th of August 2015

Venue : Club Rumours

Time: From 2pm into oblivion

Time is racing toward the moment of anticipation. The hour hand strikes the number two with a heavy groan. Like its saying I’m finally here and you’re not. Every second spent on the road after that feels like an indictment. And the prosecution’s case is open and shut. Society’s hag stands as lead counsel on the prosecutions side. Continue reading “Satan’s Disco – Gig Review”

Next Year’s Breakout Bands

This year has pretty much rolled onto its belly. It’s pretty much apparent which bands are going to take things by storm. Some of the strongest musical outfits have completed recording on their albums and are awaiting release. Parking Lot Grass are set to release their album ‘Tusk in Hand’ sometime in August with In Oath also planning for a release soon. Parking Lot Grass and Last Year’s Tragedy share a studio and PLG having completed their project, we can speculate that some news about a full length album from LYT can be expected sometime this year. Hard rock band RASH who work with Shinigami Studios have released a total of 4 songs since last year. They are set to release a 5th one, ‘Sons of Robots’, on the 16th of this month. The album is still being worked on and the departure of former bassist Sebastian may have lengthened the timeline of its release. Continue reading “Next Year’s Breakout Bands”