Mixes on Mixcrate

Listen and download Djedygrim’s Friday 4 play mix on le mixcrate. Mixcrate is a great platform for Djs and Artists to upload and share their work.

The mix features two local bands, Murfy’s Flaw and Rash (not to be confused with prog-metal old dogs Rush. **cough…lawsuit…cough**. Open your blinds to a bit of “Hello Light” while watching out for the scammers in “A ha!”. While you’re at it enjoy a bit of rock n roll with the “sons of robots”.



Shocking Reason that Suggests the Zombie Apocalypse Already Happened


“With all their technology they can feel no more”

Have you ever watched the movie “Warm Bodies”? If you haven’t then spoilers!!! Continue reading “Shocking Reason that Suggests the Zombie Apocalypse Already Happened”

PLATFORM 7 – Live at Daas

Keep your eyes peeled and get ready for the next gig in town featuring awesome bands like SVNL, ParkingLotGrass and Rash. SVNL are one of the oldest bands in the country having been formed in 2002. they are working on an EP and have two demo’s out that you can check out here

Rash on the other hand are busy performing at every stage across the country. They are just from performing at the Sondeka Festival alongside some other great acts.

ParkingLotGrass are back on stage having completed work on their first full length album ‘Tusk at Hand’. You can check out the review we did for that album over here. You can also find and listen to their album on their website. It is available for download on iTunes.

The venue for the show is Daas Restaurant and the entrance fee is 300 bob. We’ll be there to hang out and shout ourselves hoarse together with a host of other cool people.