Top Five Rock Songs of 2015

Five songs to do battle. It was hard to choose. Collectively these are the songs that happened to dominate my playlist for the most part of the year.

Taken individually each of these songs has something glorious that sets it apart from the rest. They offer different and enlightening world views, the metropolitan flavour of Kenya’s landscape, two spectrums of the most powerful sentiments in the world and at another end the dance of life and death. Continue reading “Top Five Rock Songs of 2015”


2015- The Year In Review

This here a narrative about how the year went as far as the rock scene is concerned.


I had high hopes for this year. Needless to say, when you lead a life that is checked with expectation, disappointment is bound to set in because as they say, reality is a cruel mistress. Continue reading “2015- The Year In Review”


Time to do things a little different. You have the opportunity to sample the chilled out climate of Tigoni. There lies a scenic landscape where the only sounds are of the fronds and branches of trees waving majestically in the air, nothing but plush green laws and crisp blue skies for as far as the eyes can see.

Freedom rock takes you to a place of the most serene beauty, where taste of moist soil wafts gently in the air, and you can enjoy exclusively the glorious energy of seven bands at a pocket friendly price of 400 in advance and 500 at the gate.

Its Jamhuri day any way, so dont languish at home like we know you will be. Take some time out and enjoy the beauty of your country while getting wasted for good measure!