Gig Reviews: Platform 7 @ Crooqed Q’s

Rocker’s Diary – 5th March, 2016

It’s Saturday, and along this stretch of Westlands where in about 7 hours young adults come to search for vitality, electric sounds of a raging guitar and the thrash of a high hat permeate the morbid landscape. Continue reading “Gig Reviews: Platform 7 @ Crooqed Q’s”


Gig Reviews: Rash @Poetry Slam Africa

the one rousing factor that rose above everything else is the absolute monster of a drumming display that Sam Gakungu (Gakosh) put out. He toyed and kneaded that drum set and at the end of the day …

Source: Gig Reviews: Rash @Poetry Slam Africa

Gig Reviews: Rash @Poetry Slam Africa

Rocker’s Diary – 13th March, 2016

This is the second poetry slam Im attending. On both occasions, curiously and should I say predictably, Im drawn here, like a hopelessly romantic moth to the dazzling lamp light of the imperial Rash band. Continue reading “Gig Reviews: Rash @Poetry Slam Africa”