The collective soul of the scene.

Bernice tries to identify what the rock scene is, the dynamics of its constituent parts and what it feels to be part of it. 

Ever been in a place where you felt you belonged?

It is unique and  it’s special, a  kind of awareness within themselves, introverts and extroverts alike .It is an alienation from illusion and acceptance of truths that are apart  from what  is mainstream- righteous. It’s all about the music,the way the body goes into an automatic ‘relaxed muscles’ mode and time seems to slow down. Something happens. You are  opened to a whole new world, a different perspective, questions raised, opinions formed. It is how  creativity is born. The scene is full of them, photographers artists, writers,instrumentalists, singers,programmers; I know them, people with wondrous souls. Even if buried deep within, the scene has a way of nurturing it and eventually it manifests.

That is growth, and everyone wants to grow, to have a world inside of their head, apart from everyone else’s, but knowing there are others just like them and this, is the power of music, creating the concept of together apart.

The Collective Soul is made up of  them all; the Outspoken, the Timid, the Jokers and the Shadows. These souls, that you definitely feel drawn to,who feel like your soul family,your teachers, are the ones to surround yourself with. If you look closely enough, your family is in there, just waiting to happen. The Universe ofcourse, doesn’t allow for perfection and while growth is essential,not all teachers come in peace, the most important bit is the lesson.

I like the idea of oneness,to be alone, but part of a whole, the one that feels right; the Collective Soul. To me,the Collective Soul is the derivative of the scene’s participants. It’s like when you’re watching an approaching bus from the other side of a hill, you don’t exactly see the driver or the passengers,but the bus as alive; a moving force or entity, the one going down the hill, because the souls of the passengers have a common goal,to travel and hence have unconsciously created a common representative soul that unites them in their interest.
I know the scene has changed me into something different. To what extent? Well, I have an eternity to find out. But it is growth, and I love it. It feels  strange and familiar at the same time. I had sleeping interests awaken, some I didn’t even know would excite me  as much. It is  like finally feeding a kind of hunger I didn’t even know was starving me, thanks to music, the kind that vibes with that beat in all of our hearts.

The  collective soul, of which I now think should have a name, is  eccentric  in nature, surpasses even individual weaknesses and when it brings people together,magic,which I also think is its sole purpose, is created. The stronger the common goal,the stronger the collective soul and hence,the scene grows. This Soul  is a network,a good thing and it  cannot grow on its own, nor by forces from without. It is ours to create and it takes no effort, just music, after all, if  it’s about music that springs you to life, you’re already  a part of it and you have something to contribute. The most important contribution being the art of just being, just belonging, being part of the glue and the rest will fall into place through synchronicity.

That, I think, is how we will all grow creatively, everyone a master of their own device; no prisoners, no slaves  and maybe in the future we can all look back and say, ” in that particular beginning,  I was there.”



Photocredits: portiatphotography and Slammy Karugu.


3 thoughts on “The collective soul of the scene.

  1. Uniqueness – even within a common movement, a sense of belonging, familiarizing oneself with the pieces that fit into one huge puzzle. We pursue these things with a passion and with the atmosphere being just right it. An individual feels complete…
    Nicely penned..

    Liked by 1 person

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