Interview with Kanyeki, Rocking hard in ‘Kikuyu’.

Meet the only Kikuyu hard rock band in Kenya the band behind the tracks ‘Murata’, “Ndingihota Gutatariria” and ‘Karamu na ibuku’. Since I am 480km away from them I decided to interview them via whatsapp.

So, who are the Kanyeki band members?

Franco James Chege aka Kanyeki- lead vocalist

Alkasios Lusangale aka Habo/Hueskillz – bassist/2nd guitarist

Cyrus Kamau aka Sireraw- Drummer

Paul Muriuki aka wanderer- guitarist

Where did the name Kanyeki come from?

Hueskillz : we imported it from mexico like ungaJ

Sireraw: the name was coined from the song kanyumba ka nyeki, K anyeki should shed some light

Kanyeki: I was nicknamed by my producer / my former lead guitarist William Kamore aka Kymo Thitima after recording my first single ‘Kanyumba ka nyeki


Are you all rockers or were you rockers before the band?

Sireraw: we were rock fans even before we met and music being a unifying culture it brought us together and we still listen to rock and metal

Hueskillz: I was Habo Seismic drummer then Parking lot Grass(PLG) bassist/ drummer, now Seismic pianist and with Kanyeki band and I am more of a metal fan

Kanyeki : I was a rock fan I am a rock fan and will forever be a rock fan

Wanderer: Ditto (same)

 There was a ndingihota gutararia video before why another one

I spent a lot on that video almost 100,000 but the final result wasn’t worth it the director didn’t deliver.

So is the new one what you what wanted

I love the new one.

Any embarrassing moments on stage?

Hueskillz: Citizen tv breakfast show

Sireraw: At blues during out of the blues concert the guy who told us to get off tbe stage

Kanyeki: Ooh yes at blues Ronjey akidai tutoke stage yake hahahaha and during the citizen tv breakfast show the then drummer and guitarist walicheza off

I understand in the last 2 years your line up has changed

Yeah guys weren’t serious they are the reason why Kymo and a drummer from Russia left the band.

I have to say I like the new line up I watched you guys perform at blues tell me what is the secret

Sireraw: The spice to this is practice, ooh and I believe we like no we love what we do kanyeki band loves playing( we are in this for love and not for the race)

And now lets talk about that baby called AFRIMA

Sireraw: our aim is to bring it home this year Mvula from Angola watch out

Kanyeki: that was a surprise and a challenge at the same time I thank the Almighty God for the gifts

What are some of the challenges you are facing as a band

Kanyeki: we are yet to get a good video producer

Sireraw: The distance that separated us, I wish I was working around Nairobi then we would have more studio sessions

What if Kanyeki band was a drink

Sireraw: Water because this is life milk because it is nourishing and nurturing

Kanyeki: water

Wanderer: krest ama stoney

Hueskillz: jaggerbomb a cocktail of redbull and jaggermeister

Kanyeki band is a hardrock band loved by non-rockers how does that feel?

Hueskillz: that is a mission accomplished .. my dream was to see rock music cut across and reach persons of all walks and kanyeki is the only one doing that.

Sireraw: It is a resounding promise of a faithful and ever growing fan base

Should your fans expect an album soon

Sireraw: Yes yes yaaas most definitely, we are working towards that

Kanyeki: Yes an album is on the way 12 0r 14tracks

Who are your inspirations

Kanyeki: my late mom

Sireraw: I get my inspiration from Kanyeki’s zeal to ensure this project works out. I also get my inspiration from Sal Arnita, Cobus and Travis Barker

Hueskillz: Korn, Slipknot, Disturbed,System of A down, P.O.D, Kutless and UMC

Parting Shot

Hueskillz: They told me kanyeki is a joke, my idea was a sham.. they know themselves , who’s laughing now nab ado watch this space we aint taking over we’ve already taken over

Sireraw: From the drums Kanyeki band is in this for love not for the race

Kanyeki: Rock music should be gross, that’s the fun part it gets up and drops its trousers


Interview by Yvonne Ndubi

Images courtesy of Nairobi Underground


2 thoughts on “Interview with Kanyeki, Rocking hard in ‘Kikuyu’.

  1. If Kanyeki was a drink,,,? I’d go for water too. Great people with great visions and great Music. I am always in Love with Their Music. Especially the way you praise and headbang at the same time, so dope 🤘🤘
    God Bless Rock Music, God Bless Kanyeki. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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