A Year of Good Fortune For Deity’s Muse, now set to play Euroblast Festival 2017

South Africa’s alternative progressive rock band, Deity’s Muse are quickly settling for more milestones even as their new album continues to receive plaudits.

The band’s new album, Convergence received the album of the year award at the recent South African Metal Music Awards (SAMMA). Produced by Cint Vincent from Australia’s Dead Letter Circus (whom Deity supported on their tour of South Africa), Convergence is a dynamic and anthemic exercise in modern alternative rock that boasts superb musical interplay and melodic vocals. Convergence is Deity’s Muse, fourth album, having taken them two years to create.

Watch the video for the single satellites here

Following these plaudits the band is now taking on what is now quickly becoming the most important progressive metal festival. With genre heavyweights like Devin Townsend Project, Textures and Twelve Foot Ninja also taking centre stage; Euroblast Festival XIII offers the Deity’s Muse’ best work in ten years.

unnamed (2)

Euroblast isn’t a lone and isolated tour circuit for the Gauteng based outfit. Support for their album is also taking off at home with shows scheduled for;

  • Mayhem at Rumours Friday 25th August
  • Deity’s Muse, New Earth, Raptorbaby, HOKUM (Sundowners) Saturday, 26th August
  • The Narrow at Sundowners (Album Launch) Friday, 15th September



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