”Bury Your Fallen Dreams” Turns Two As Work Continues on LYT Album

Two years to this date, Kenya’s biggest home grown metal band Last Year’s Tragedy (LYT) released ‘Bury Your Fallen Dreams’. This was the band’s first return ever since they released the highly revered and cherished EP ‘Challenge Accepted’. The single received the award for ‘best metal song’ for AudioInferno’s Annual African Rock Music Awards (ARMA) 2016.

A band known for its inspirational and bright toned songwriting, ‘Bury Your Fallen Dreams’ states the group’s own aspirational yearning to return to the thick of things.

And that may not seem far off either. In a conversation we had with the Last Year’s Tragedy bassist Mahia Mutua, it has been revealed that the band has completed songwriting for the album, with at least 11 or more tracks that may make the cut for their long awaited album.

‘Bury Your Fallen Dreams is available for stream and purchase on Bandcamp.


Stay tuned for more.

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