Void of Sorrow Releases New Single “Ruinous Gist”

2018 has set off in haste with Void of Sorrow being the latest grouping to release new music. Coming straight off the heels of Doveslimme’s “Whatchuwant”, ruinous gist has quietly found it’s place amongst the burgeoning list of fresh Kenyan releases.

Void of Sorrow are an industrial metal outfit formed by composer/programmer Nemsey and keyboard/vocalist Nelson whom you may know from his projects with Nelecc (atmospheric black metal). We got in touch with Nemsey who gave more insight on what went into these new tracks, from concepts to general aesthetic.

Ruinous Gist is proudly our second single, from the album, Diaphanum Fuderis. This release comes with two tracks – Ruinous Gist  and “…Of Quieten” – Ruinous Gist takes us to the inception of the project. It was the second exchange between me and my brutal colleague and Vocalist, mooting over its cumulative cogency to an actual metal record. Agreeing that it would actually work, we’ve been on it till its release. The track is a continuation of the first single, Zephyr of Dawn, a tale about an agitated cuss seeking his way to undefined sanity, a tale that will be covered by the whole record. …Of Quieten on the other hand is an instrumental tracks that concludes the first chapter of the story.


The cover carefully illustrates both elements of the single, Ruinous and Gist, it’s a puzzle that creates an effortless failure, presented to the “victim” in a perfect lure, a struggle between mirrors distress, a momentary plea. Death dressed in vestures- Nemsey

“Ruinous Gist” and “…Of Quieten”are available on BandCamp


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