X fm Weekly Top 30: Major Changes in Previously “Pop Heavy” Chart

A little girl clinches top spot in this week’s chart; however 105.5 X fm’s Weekly top 30 countdown has been characterised by even more significant changes over the past couple of months. The previously “pop heavy” chart is now a staple for rock lovers, with most of the top 25 songs being rock tunes. However it is the dominance of local rock bands in the charts top 10 that has been the real coup d’etat. But the more things change the more they stay the same.

A flurry of votes for rock songs have seen ‘pop trash’ relegated to the edges of the countdown. Many of those are likely to be shown the door in the coming week. Heavy mobilisation within the rock community has succeeded in molding the playlist to something more in line with our tastes.

Shanah’s unlikely but sweet victory at the top is symbolic of that long awaited change. Her song winner that features Rash guitarist Maximiliano Jesus continues to entrench local rock music’s significance on mainstream radio. 20 More Days‘s popularity continues to gain resurgence with 3 songs in the chart, together with socio-political critiques like Crystal Axis’ “Leopold” and Rash’s “Nitachange“. Revamped Doveslimme are a breath of fresh air with their newest singles “Watchuwant” and “More Than Sound” clinching the 2nd and 12th spots respectively.

Rash’s Maximiliano Jesus is featured on chart topping single “Winner”

However the more things change the more they remain the same. Some of these local songs have been on the chart for several months. Songs like “Leopold”, “Habits” and “Chepchumba” are chart staples. This sort of permanence cuts both ways. It keeps local rock music in the face of naysayers that scoff at the possibility of a strong local rock scene and may win some new converts.

However the lack of mobility is a recipe for stagnation especially for an audience that thrives on novelty. More importantly it locks out other rock acts that should in our opinion be introduced to the chart.

That being said, the gains that have been made are long overdue and we hope that we will continue to make progress.

Below is the complete list of this week’s chart toppers. The battle to make this the definitive rock countdown still rages so make sure you cast your vote. You can vote for your list of favorite rock songs by tweeting or otherwise posting with the hashtag #xfmWeeklytop30. Se you again next week. We’ll be back with this month’s #metalcharts

30. Fallout Boy – The Last of the Real Ones

29. The Wombats – Turn

28. All American Rejects – Sweat

27. Paramore – Rose Coloured Boy

26. The Neighbourhood – Scary Love

25. Muse – Thought Contagion

24. AJR – Burn the House Down

23. Foster the People – Sit Next to Me

22. The Killers – Run For Cover

21. Papa Roach – Help

20. Breaking Benjamin – Red Cold River

19. 30 Seconds to Mars – Dangerous Night

18. Papa Roach – American Dreams

17. Three Days Grace – The Mountain

16. Theory of a Deadman –  RX (Medicate)

15. 20 More Days – About the Money

14. Snowpatrol – Don’t Give In

13. Blue October –  I Hope You’re Happy

12. Doveslimme – More Than Sound

11. Shinedown – Devil

10. Crystal Axis – Leopold

9. Rish ft George Atsula – Habits

8. Nickelback – The Betrayal Act III

7. 20 More Days – Chepchumba

6. Rash ft Ruff – Nitachange

5. Andromeda Music ft Koinange Street Avengers – Sting Like a Butterfly

4. 20 More Days – Nairobi

3. Panic At The Disco – Say Amen (Saturday Night)

2. Doveslimme – Watchuwant

1. Shanah – Winner

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