Edygrim’s Kenyan Rock & Metal Mix 2018 (Vol 3)

105.5 XFm Deejay Edygrim premiered vol.3 of the most popular Kenyan rock and metal music bands. This is a one-hour playlist featuring everything from metalcore heavyweights Last Year’s Tragedy with songs from their 2013 EP Challenge Accepted.

For fans of punk rock can have a sampling of some of the best modern Nairobi bands. Crystal Axis feature with Leopold and  skaters Powerslide with their intense and heavy single Serpents in Your Heart.

Full Tracklist:

02:50 March From the Underground by LAST YEARS TRAGEDY
05:37 Generation Light by LAST YEARS TRAGEDY
08:20 Pokea Uponyaji by SEEDS OF DATURA
10:55 Naweza by PARKING LOT GRASS
15:33 A Great Escape by CHIZI OF LYT & SAM WARUI OF RASH
19:19 Serpents in Your Heart by POWERSLIDE FT. DANNY BIZARRO
21:58 Sons of Robots by RASH BAND
27:32 Nitachange by RASH BAND
31:53 Chepchumba by 20 MORE DAYS
35:50 Abso-loomin-lutely by MURFY’S FLAW
40:45 Chesire Grin (Turn That Shit up) by POWERSLIDE
42:54 Karamu na Ibuku by KANYEKI BAND
46:50 Nairobi by 20 MORE DAYS
49:49 Habits by RISH
51:55 Leopold by CRYSTAL AXIS
55:44 In Silence by MURFY’S FLAW
59:04 Ndigihota Gutariria by KANYEKI BAND
1:01:50 My Strength by RISH
1:04:40 A Tribute to Anarchy by LAST YEARS TRAGEDY
1:10:00 Murata by KANYEKI BAND

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