Johanessburg’s Mad God Unveil the Artwork for Grotesque and Inexorable

Johannesburg’s harbingers of sludgy doom metal Mad God have unveiled the
artwork for their second album Grotesque and Inexorable.


The album is set for release on the 2nd November 2018 on CD and all digital

Vocalist and guitarist Tim Harbour comments on the idea behind the cover –
“The art for the new Mad God album reflects the darker and more brooding
compositions found on Grotesque and Inexorable, in other words, “disgusting
and cannot be stopped”. With this album we attempted to make our riffs
darker, heavier, weirder and more progressive, as well as our themes, and we
needed album art to reflect this evolution of our sound. The art portrays an
ancient and evil forest that has claimed the lives of many a traveller and
adventurer aiming to traverse its winding paths. An important theme for all
our music has been horror stories and I wanted our album art to be able to
tell a story much like our songs do. Our amazing artist Lyle Van’Dango took
my vision above and made this beautiful and terrifying work that perfectly
depicts what I had in my mind.”

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Mad God is a 3-piece doom metal band from Johannesburg, South Africa and
take influences from bands such as Electric Wizard, Ufommamut, Candlemass,
Warning, Church of Misery, OM, Sleep, Sons of Otis, The Sword and Black
Sabbath. Musically Mad God combine traditional, epic, sludge and stoner doom
and play a mix of crushingly slow riffs and psychedelic soundscapes layered
with reverb drenched vocals and lyrics touching on horror, madness, drug
abuse, interdimensional beings.

Mad God’s lyrics are heavily inspired by the works of H.P Lovecraft, among other sci-fi, horror and fantasy authors. Their music goes beyond the traditional metal tropes of blast beats and guttural vocals and experiments with slow and atmospheric textures that
allows the bands essence to extend between worlds. Mad God’s show is more
than just a live performance but an aural and physical experience that they
share with our audience.

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