Irony Destroyed Release New Single “Immortal Ego”

Nairobi’s metalcore/post-harcore quartet Irony Destroyed just dropped their second single this year. Immortal Ego is the band’s first official single that includes a feature, and from none-other than Lord Spikeheart (The Seeds of Datura/Lust of A Dying Breed).

Immortal Ego continues Irony Destroyed’s ascent in their musicianship and craft, something close followers will have noticed from their performance at last year’s Nairobi Metal Fest where they undoubtedly stole the show.

Dennis Mwenda (left) and Yvonne Ndubi (right) at last Year’s Nairobi Metal Fest


Evidence of this steady rise was also showcased with the release of their first single this year “Fade“, a song that featured a significant line up change with the introduction of former Lust of A Dying Breed drummer Larry Kim.

LINE UP 2018:

Lenny Kiano – Guitars/Vocals

Dennis Mwenda  –  Bass

Larry Kim – Drums

Lawrence Muchemi – Vocals

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