Petrika Release New Single “Hey (Plastic Days)”

Nairobi’s alternative/grunge quartet have released their 5th single to date. The song features the band’s now recognizable grunge inspired rugged vocals of front-man Brian Saibo.

While still reminiscent of the band’s steady and brooding elements, “Hey” (Plastic Days) is perhaps one of the band’s more colorful songs. There’s a strange yet charming tone to it that is most definitely Petrika, but still keeps their expression open to more exploration.


This writer still contends that Petrika is one of the most versatile rock bands out of the 254, representing a new generation of ragged college bound, brown bottle wielding rockers, perhaps a testament to how much the local scene has changed over the years.

LINE UP 2018:

Brian Saibore- Vocals/ Rhythm
Kevin Muriithi- Bass
Denis Muiruri- Drums
Kiogora Muthuri- Lead


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