It’s Been A Good Year

This has been quite a good year for the scene:

New music, more shows, new bands, music on the countdown, nominations. For 2019 to be even better there are a number if things that I feel they can be worked on.


Keep on feeding us with new music till our ears bleed. If you release more music you won’t have to perform the same songs over and over again. the more music you release the more fans you gain, especially with the airplay the local songs are receiving on Xfm, Capital and Y254 Rocktour.

Work on your merchandise; t-shirts, hoodies, jewelry, bags, shoes etc. this is the best way to earn extra cash since you don’t earn much from the live performances and music sales. 


And if you’re not in a band or can’t play an instrument pick up one and start. We’d love for more musicians to come out.Or if you want you can even sing or play some drums. The scene can only grow.

Or we could lip-sync rock battle \,,/

Every band should work on their performances.

I think the bands should be learn more about the sound.

Support other bands in the scene in whatever way you can, the scene can only grow if we unite and support each other. It is too small for backstabbing.



These guys have given us the best shows on radio from Hueskillz with Rocktour, DJ Tumz for THE FUSE and Dj Edygrim with FRIDAY4PLAY. And who can forget all the awesome mixes they drop that always feature local bands. Let’s also support them for coming to their shows. #twenderocknights


You are amazing souls thank you for always supporting the scene keep on supporting do not give up on them. But I’d also like to urge you to turn up for shows. We always have a great time. And if you don’t have someone to hang out with come look for me! #twenderockgigs

I’d also like to send a special shout out to all our readers. Thank YOU for the undying support and always reading our posts. You are the reason we are here, always giving us the urge to write more. This year has been especially great because of YOU.

Happy New Year!

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