With Blood, Heart and Dedication Punk Rock Group “Powerslide”emerge with their first album – Cheshire Grin

Powerslide are three skater boys from Kenya who got together to play punk rock and skate(in that order). They are so nice you could take them home to your parents (2/3of them) and could be Kenya’s next boy band (wait..they actually play their owninstruments).

Consistentlyon the stage in Nairobi they have a built a dedicated fan base over 2 years.The band was born at Realm of Mist Studios in Tigoni. Realm of Mist was apassion project of Harvy Herr, an Kenyan resident of American descent who onceplayed bass for Class Suicide. It is quite poetic that Class Suicide -one of the local scenes oldest punk rock bands is still influencing new bands.

Powerslide played their first show at the Blues Restaurant, Barclays Plaza in June 2016. It featured an initial lineup of Willy Ojiro (Guitar and vocals) Samuel Maguta (bass) Timothy “Qreed Wafula” (drums). Their performance was hailed in a Friday column on East African Standard by illustrious writer “Smitta Smitten”.

 They play an infectious millennial punk rockand also veer into Hardcore and Post-punk styles that has got them consistent airplay on XFM, Nairobi’s Rock FM station. Their second single Serpents in YourHeart debuted on 105.5 XFM Friday4Play and is a fan favorite. That songfeatures one of the local scenes core members, an ardent rocker and vocalistDani “Bizzaro”Wanyeki.

Powerslide is Willy Ojiro (foreground) Slammy (background) Qreed (extreme background) – photo by Quaint Photography.  This is Africa Fest 2018, at Choices Baricho Road – Nairobi

In June 2018 they shared the stage with New York hardcore heroes “Stray From the Path” and Germany’s “AYS” at the 2018 version of This is Africa Fest. 

“Powerslide are a young band totally dedicated to their craft and that sets them apart. This album has been crafted over a year of intensive work, through trying circumstances. Willy handled the recording and arranging whilst interning at the Realm of Mist studio in Tigoni during 2017. Electricity was only available in the hours of darkness which meant that Willy stayed up almost every night bringing these songs to life. Half way through the process the studio had to shut down making recording almost impossible. A smaller studio was established by Obsydian in 2018 and the missing parts were recorded there.”

Not-to mention that the band’s front man broke sweat perhaps giving life to thesaying “Make hay while the sun shines”. He quite literally cut the long grass,stark and teeming in stiff tufts, with a sickle to raise in part the costs ofrunning the studio. Quite sincerely this album is a work of passion, toil anddeep reflection.

They couple that dedication with imagination and experimentation. The band released three singles along with music videos, shot DIY on iPhone cameras. Their first Turn That Shit Up features long takes of the band skating down a newly minted tarmac road connecting Kabuku and Tigoni. It’s full of thrill and is a daredevil’s dream. The second “Monsters and Men” captures the colour and splendor of Kilifi, sparkling sand, rushing waves and little critters.


Four singles from the album have been released and 5 more are to be included with the album. 

“The Keed” and “Cheshire Grin” have both been remixed as totally new versions. 

The album is currently in the mix and master process and we are now taking pre-order for the album. 

Current Lineup:

Current Line-Up from Left: Timothy Qreed Wafula, Wily Ojiro and George Zuko (Bass)

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