“Nelecc” an ethereal odyssey through nature’s lens

On Monday, we embarked on the second instalment of “song of the week” which featured Nelecc’s “A Thousand Suns”. Nelecc, an atmospheric black metal project with epic/orchestral influences, is the brainchild of Nelson Musyoka. Continue reading ““Nelecc” an ethereal odyssey through nature’s lens”

Brutal mozambican metal band ”Norbromide NMD” heads for Nairobi


Unless you have been living in a hole somewhere you must know that mozambique’s own norbromide NMD are headed here to play a gig this November 5th together with all for nothing   from Nertherlands  Continue reading “Brutal mozambican metal band ”Norbromide NMD” heads for Nairobi”



When I first heard that that “ALL FOR NOTHING”  was playing here I was already hyped even though I had never listened to them, because I knew after  HHF did their last gig here in 2016 bringing us “A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS” from Germany ,that those guys don’t joke around and it’s always for a good cause . Then later I googled them and then I listened to them and..ohh boy..now was I hyped..they are awesome …we had to interview them and figure out  how these maniacs tick..before they come and changamsha us to death this November. You can check out their bio <>
Continue reading “ALL FOR NOTHING FOR KENYA”