Albums to expect in 2017.

Are you excited for some new kickass albums this year from the KE?

There is some certainty in the fact that some bands will release material this year. But the prevailing trend has been that bands normally prepare material and for some reason, that material never seems to leave the production line. Then there are those bands whose material may certainly never come, either because the bands broke up before release or gave up on the project. We all aspire to a time when the prevailing condition will rather than speculative, be sufficiently certain. That is something we continually hope for and why we always have something to look forward to every year.

That being said, here is our list of bands we expect to release material this year.

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Selling Band Merchandise: Eight things we’ve learned

It is quite easy to scour the internet while doing a bit of research and recommend a line of action for anything you seek to pursue. I’m not saying that theoretical insight is unimportant. Far from it. There is weight and helpful resource in such anecdotes. But most times true aid and wisdom is to be found in the lessons you draw from actually doing things practically. Continue reading “Selling Band Merchandise: Eight things we’ve learned”

Five bands that aren’t doing enough shows

We’ve chosen five bands just because lists are sexy. And because we thought it’d be neat to take a break from targeting the likes of David Mburu and Daniel Rocker Bizzaro. Lots more bands could have made this list. Bands like In Oath we haven’t seen perform for more than two years. And Murfy’s Flaw used to perform at the Brew or some club in Westlands. But these are exceptions. In Oath is made up of two live members, Christopher Yagami is away mixing tracks in Canada (a country that lots of Americans enjoy making fun of) and so you begin to see why watching  these guys at a gig would be a great difficulty. Murfy’s Flaw we also exempt from this list because well, they don’t need the publicity and they have an album (or two). Does your band have two albums? Are they famous (by Kenyan standards)? I didn’t think so. Continue reading “Five bands that aren’t doing enough shows”