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“Remember Me 2”

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Murfy’s Flaw Back in Studio

Funk influenced alternative rock band, Murfy’s Flaw are back in studio. 

The band has two studio albums under its belt, Makosa and Hello Light, with the latter celebrating it’s 5th anniversary last Friday.

From the look of things, we may well be primed to receive either some singles or a new album. 

While there is no official confirmation at the moment as to what is to be expected and when, there is ample evidence that there may be a record to be released in the near future.

Earlier this year while playing at a Platform 7 event at Crooqed Qs, the band played some new tracks that they were preparing as part of their new material. These are songs that seem to be exploring new musical landscapes with influences from Coastal Swahili culture and Reggae. 

The real implication of this is yet to be fully realised but there is hope that there are good things to come. 

Belgian Doom Band,’Imber Luminis’ to feature The Seeds of Datura bassist, Mordecai Ogayo in Project.

Mordecai Ogayo is working on a collaborative feature with Belgian Doom band, Imber Luminis.

Mordecai Ogayo

Imber Luminis, a brainchild of Belgium based Deha, who also plays live with ‘Shapes of Despair’ announced the forthcoming release of a concept album titled ‘Nausea’. 

It is a 40 minute cycle with 8 parts with each part featuring musicians from different countries. 

The album is based on the classical novel ‘La Nausee’ by French existentialist and Philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre.

Mordecai is contributing lyrics to the project on the track titled ‘The Withering and the Wake’.

Be sure to check it out.