Issa Khalid Debuts Project ‘1000 Fahrenheit’ with Single ‘Love Never Fails’

Issa Khalid is known for his work with deathcore band ‘Lust of a Dying Breed’. That outfit is known for songs like ‘Cat of Nine Tails’, ‘Denoument’ and ‘Devine Design’. Continue reading ” Issa Khalid Debuts Project ‘1000 Fahrenheit’ with Single ‘Love Never Fails’”


Song Review: Rish – My Strength

My strength is solo rock artist Rish’s third single since she debuted with ‘The Hate Song’ just under a year ago. All these songs stand out on their own, but they have maintained one constant quality, delivery. With the help of some exquisite guitar work from the likes of Saidimu Kiereni and Amos Kiptoon, Rish has conjured a simple but replicable recipe for great rock songs. Mix that up with Rish’s confident and creative style then we have the template for the ideal rock song. And “My Strength” is no different. Continue reading “Song Review: Rish – My Strength”

Top Five Rock Songs of 2015

Five songs to do battle. It was hard to choose. Collectively these are the songs that happened to dominate my playlist for the most part of the year.

Taken individually each of these songs has something glorious that sets it apart from the rest. They offer different and enlightening world views, the metropolitan flavour of Kenya’s landscape, two spectrums of the most powerful sentiments in the world and at another end the dance of life and death. Continue reading “Top Five Rock Songs of 2015”