“Nelecc” an ethereal odyssey through nature’s lens

On Monday, we embarked on the second instalment of “song of the week” which featured Nelecc’s “A Thousand Suns”. Nelecc, an atmospheric black metal project with epic/orchestral influences, is the brainchild of Nelson Musyoka. Continue reading ““Nelecc” an ethereal odyssey through nature’s lens”

Video: Interview with Irony Destroyed

Check out our interview with Irony Destroyed on the origins of the band. Irony Destroyed also talk about their debut EP, “Strife to Legacy” and what the reception has been like. This edition was hosted by Martin Kanja. Footage by Samwel Karugu.

An interview with Bizzaro on his favorite bands and his journey

There’s one human being that is always present at each and every gig, he is usually the one starting up the moshpit( he owns that moshpit) and ever unleashing screams and growls. So I decided to have a sit-down with him. Continue reading “An interview with Bizzaro on his favorite bands and his journey”