So with 2014 quickly dispatched I thought It’d be great to take stock and point out the bands that really shook things up last year. I came up with a list of five that I thought made the cut but there are a few songs that deserve honorable mentions. Some of these songs weren’t released in 2014 but got massive airplay last year. Some were released late in December but are great songs that would have definitely been on the ranking had the year been longer!

First off is one that I’ve been waiting to hear. Released on Christmas, or was it Christmas eve??? I cant remember. This is definitely the best Death Metal you have ever listened to. In Oath released their first song from their upcoming debut album. Great quality of production and an improvement of vocals coupled with 8000 gigawatts of brutality make me feel for the morons who havn’t listened to this song yet.

Next on the list of honourable mentions is a band that I hold close to my heart. Doveslimme’s song Identity got airplay for the first time this year and I couldn’t help but melt. A hugely touching song, Im almost tempted to review it again. Their other song Leo ni Leo also gets a honourable mention here. You can check out the video on youtube.

Third on my list of honourable mentions is new indie band ‘A truth Once Known’ debut single Inuka which is swahili for ascenscion. Please find time to listen to it and like their facebook page.

Now to the top 5 list….DRUMROLLLLLLSSSS!!!!!!….

  1. Koinange Street Avengers – School

Bit of a surprise I know. But these guys are great. They might not be as popular as the rest of the bands on this list but I have lots of respect for them. They do their own shit well and they have no apologies for that. Best indie band in the country at the moment although upcoming new kids ‘A truth once Known’ are slowly picking the pace. School is a song that I find subtly melancolic and countercultural which takes me back to great songs by bands like Patti Smith, The Who and it has that modern vibe that’s characteristic of the Gorillaz. When everyone else is going around doing normal shit, this song is here to remind us how life is in fact based on a routine dogmatic cycle that never ends. Well written and a thumbs up for the guys at Shinigami Studios for doing such a great job.

4.Parking Lot Grass – Rainman

I’m sure everyone would agree that this song is nothing but great. Personally I believe the change in personnel has helped Parking Lot Grass, but if you liked songs like Speedchaser and Shimo Mfukoni this is just what I think don’t crucify me fan boys! This song is definitely more edgy and hard. I caught onto the song immediately I heard it and it’s definitely one of those songs that you’d also want to hear live. Great production quality and I can’t wait for the video which hopefully will get to us any time soon.

  1. Murfy’s Flaw feat Mukasa – Dare Me

Well they just aren’t going to stop are they? Murfy’s Flaw ensured they remained evergreen with the release of this piece. It’s a shame it didn’t receive as much airplay as it deserved but that wasn’t down to the quality of the song. Definitely one of those songs that I’ll be singing along to for a long time; but not aloud because I have a horrid voice. This is definitely a throwback song, with well-played guitars and with that mix of enchanting and seductive charm that you’ve come to expect of their vocalist Reema. Nothing but the best of what we’ve come to expect of Kenya’s overall number one band.

2.Rash – Darkness & Witchcraft

Before I wrote this post I was hard pressed to place this song at number 1.Being a big Rash fan you can imagine the self-control I had to muster to remain objective. Darkness and Witchcraft was a ballsy title. A priest I know saw a piece done by Sam Kiranga on this song on Zuqka and he almost went into a fit. No one has broken into mainstream media in Kenya by using such a title. And that’s not the only novel thing about the song. They used influence of classic heavy metal and fused it with Swahili. I tell you I felt chills when I heard their frontman and it just reminded me of Rob Halford from Judas Priest. The tune is catchy and almost playful and a great way for a band to announce itself on the local rock scene. The only negative about this song was the quality of production. Overral it’s a song that never misses on my playlist and definetly deserved of a spot on this list.

  1. Simply Tomas – Mpenzi

This one comes as a no brainer for me and Im sure most of you expected this. Its very rare to come upon a song that is beautifully written. Hardly anything to fault it for and the best use of hooks you could ever come upon. The song is largely in swahili with a little English in between. It got massive airplay on Xfm and ‘The Fuse’ on Capital FM. It takes my number one because of its appeal to every demographic grouping and there is hardly divided opinion on the fact that this song is simply an immaculate piece of artistry.

6 thoughts on “TOP FIVE KENYAN ROCKS SONGS 2014

    1. Hey Omar, thanks for reading.For me Rash takes the band of the year 2014, they did some great stuff last year, going on to release three singles. plus they were at almost every gig and they bring a fresh new sound to the scene. Im a big big fan. Here’s to hoping 2015 is as eventful as last year was, but with more gigs and more albums. cheers \,,/


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